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Welcome to Equito Horseboxes

All Equito Horseboxes are built to the highest possible standards by master craftsmen

With safety at the forefront of design at Equito Horseboxes our team of coachbuilders with over 100 years combined coachbuilding experience ensure that every box is built to the highest possible standard. All Equito builds must meet strict quality control standards upon completion by our quality control manager to ensure the standard never drops. A dual reinforced bulkhead and an added aluminium kick plate are used to ensure peace of mind for strength and durability. Our floors are made of a composite panel which is cushioned with a high-quality EVA matting. The walls are reinforced, and along with our ramp and floor are covered with EVA matting for safety and comfort. The Equito is built with an oversized rear door and two full height grilled access doors to each individual horse for peace of mind. Three opening windows and polycarbonate roof vent give ample circulation with UK and European fan systems available upon request.

A Mission to Succeed

It is our mission here at Equito to ensure that each and every box is built to the highest quality, are robust, durable and most importantly safe