Equito Long Stall

Designed for ease of use and safety, the Equito Long Stall is completely user friendly and gives total peace of mind

Equito Long Stall Horseboxes

Equito Long Stall Horsebox

The Equito Long Stall

Our Equito Long Stall offers a full height partition and snifferboard including full height grilled access doors allowing for easy access to the groom’s area from either side of the box.

In designing the Equito Long Stall both ease of use and safety were at the forefront of our design making it completely user friendly and giving peace of mind.

All aspects of the horsebox are therefore both durable and easy to clean making working with the box a dream.

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Equito Long Stall Supporting Distributors

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Ben Ambrose
Ben and his team will be looking after all things Equito for the South. Should you have any enquiries in this area please get in touch with him.

Contact Details
Ben: +44 07711 543 114

Email: south@bloomfields.co

Aimi Burkitt
Aimi looks after all things Equito in the Midlands, should you have any queries please get in contact with her and she will be sure to look after you.

Contact Details
Telephone: 01777 248183
Mobile: +44 07415 108 266

Email: aimi@equitomidlands.co.uk
Web: www.equitomidlands.co.uk

Amy and Joe
Amy and Joe look after all things Equito in Wales and the West. Should you have any enquiries in this area please get in touch with them.

Contact Details
Joe: +44 07960 676 699
Amy: +44 07534 849 749

Email: info@equitowalesandwest.com
Web: www.equitowalesandwest.com

Equito Long Stall Enquiries

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